Translation technology

We OPTIMISE costs and make processes EFFICIENT and terminology CONSISTENT for your projects thanks to specialised integrated services and translation technology.

We help adapt your business to new technology, integrate it with the language processes of your partner companies and ensure that the results of these processes are tailored to each company’s values, policies and identity as well as the specific language that creates your company’s identity. How? Through integrative management – technical, linguistic and terminological – at the quality level you expect.

Software and applications are part of our lives, so we have integrated them into our processes and use them skilfully and judiciously every day to manage our terminology databases and translation memories, create marketing content and subtitle multilingual video materials quickly and efficiently. 

We are close to our clients and offer free consultancy for graphic processing (DTP), text editing, translating text within images, video editing, extracting text from websites, machine and computer-assisted translation, translation software and platforms, and sound equipment for conferences and business events.

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Contact us and use our services with confidence! We will implement your requirements and specifications through our integrated services and translation technology.

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Desktop Publishing or DTP


Our service packages and translation process for technology-based translations take into account not only the text’s content but also its visual presentation. DTP services are processing services that provide graphic integration of text and image using specific software. Our team of specialists works with special graphic processing/DTP software (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress, Corel Draw, AutoCAD). DTP services are used for complex documents that include images, text or graphics, e.g., technical data sheets and drawings, technical manuals, magazines, presentation catalogues, photo translation, books and brochures. Whatever the format of the file to be translated – .pdf, .xcel, .idml, .autocad, .json, .html, .xml, .xlf, .xliff – rest assured that it will be delivered to you in the same format as that in which it was received.

Graphics processing allows us to create eye-catching images that attract attention and convey complex messages. From photo retouching to vector graphics, these techniques allow us to transform concepts into stunning visual images. Specialist DTP software facilitates the process of arranging and adjusting elements to form attractive layouts, ensuring consistency and professionalism in the design of your printed materials. Furthermore, our DTP specialists are native professionals who work with text and images in a variety of languages and alphabets, including Arabic, Asian and Cyrillic, thus ensuring the creation of professional finished products. Using DTP, Translator SRL professionals can select the correct fonts, align text appropriately and arrange visual elements in a way that attracts attention and facilitates comprehension. From book and magazine design to advertising flyers, our DTP graphic design services ensure visual consistency and functionality.

DTP technology now extends to mobile and web design, ensuring that content is adapted to fit different screen sizes and platforms.

Our DTP specialists are on hand to help you choose the best way to communicate and interact with visual images.

Computer-assisted translation technology

CAT Tools

From computer-assisted technology (CAT) to artificial intelligence (AI), technological tools have radically changed the way we approach translation projects. CAT technologies, the most popular in the translation technology category, such as SDL Trados, memoQ, Phrase, Passolo, Wordfast, Wordbee and OmegaT, have become fundamental in the translation industry. These modern professional tools offer functions for creating translation memories and term glossaries by project, client or specific field.

The databases thus created are stored for future projects. When you send us a new request, we access this database, compare the new files to the old ones and make sure:

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  • you receive a compliant translation in the shortest time possible, as the translation memory helps us speed up the whole translation process without compromising on quality;
  • we keep the same style and tone in all translations. All of your company’s identity elements are kept in one place and re-translated;
  • we remain consistent in terminology. We have all previous translations, agreed specialist terms and previously communicated specifications to hand and our translators assigned to your projects can use them in any new projects;
  • the quality of the translation is checked by running quality assurance programs integrated in these tools. Each person taking part in the translation process runs such a QA at the end of each stage (translation, revision, final check);
  • we keep your documents confidential. Our CAT tools are server-based, meaning that all information is stored on our secure server to which only our partners and suppliers who comply with strong contractual clauses have access;
  • we keep the correct file format. Both memoQ and SDL Trados are compatible with various file types, from editable .pdf files to .html, .xml or .json files. Our DTP specialists pre-process them for translation and, when exporting them from the CAT tool, help us deliver them in an identical format to the original. Furthermore, we create and apply filters that allow us to block content and code elements so they are not altered during the translation process;
  • we significantly reduce costs. The more we translate for the same client, the more words we have in the database. Segments and words that have already been translated and are found to be identical in the new files are not paid for a second time. We therefore apply significant discounts and, over time, the cost of these translation services decreases;
  • we adapt and access similar software to that integrated by the client. Our project managers, translators and reviewers can easily work in XTM, Smartling, Smartcat or MateCat. 

Our translators, engineers and project managers are continuously trained to optimise the functions of this CAT technology and thus find the best solutions for your projects. 

The customised language solutions we offer have been shaped in line with our vision and under the Translator banner.

We are here to support your development through a long-term partnership with multiple benefits. Contact us!

Website text processing

Content creation for websites and website translation services are among the Translator team’s favourites. They showcase our creativity but also our techniques for localising content in different target languages. Using specific software, we automate the entire process, from extracting the text from the website to processing it down to the smallest detail in the language in which you want to present your products or services. Our website translation packages also include the editing of embedded videos, animations and other supporting media content to convey your message. We localise the key elements of the text and make sure we preserve the company’s identity and the essence of the message in the right words for the target audience. 

The extraction of text from websites is facilitated by tools such as webcrawlers, which are essential for adapting online content to different languages and cultures. A webcrawler uses technologies to identify and collect textual content from websites. This is a useful method for quickly getting your translation materials online. Webcrawlers, also known as spiders or bots, are algorithms that automatically crawl web pages and collect information. These tools are essential for extracting text, images and other elements containing text, thus facilitating the process of translating and adapting such content to the target culture. By extracting text from a website, we can work directly on the original content, in formats that ensure the key elements of the content are preserved during the localisation process. Our software enables us to visualise text as it appears in the website structure, load the translation with just one click on the template and customise content for different regions and interests, resulting in a more relevant and engaging user experience.

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Integrating captions and localised text from images directly into the website ensures that the content created is consistent, that the terminology is used consistently and that the look and feel of the website remain unaltered. By automating these processes, we save time and get the results our customers expect.

If your team of professionals provides us with content that needs to be localised, we will work with any formatting exported from your website or applications, respect the required character limits and preserve the formatting codes and tags. 

Our CAT tools and translation technology-based translation process easily adapt to any file type.

So do our technicians. Contact us!

Subtitling technology

Subtitling applications that integrate automation allow us to speed up the translation process and adapt content for different media and audiences, from videos to adverts, movies or websites. The process of segmenting content by time sections, the character limits imposed by sequencing, the synchronisation process and even transcription or subtitling are generated automatically, but under the close supervision of our technicians and reviewers. Subtitles can be adapted to different file formats to suit various streaming platforms and viewing devices. From .srt to .vtt, this technology enables us to work with cross-platform compatible file formats, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.  EZTitles, Aegisub, Subtitle Editor and OOONA are some of the tools we’ve become friends with over the last few years. Trained teams of subtitlers cover frequently requested language combinations with dedication and professionalism.

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E-learning technology

E-learning platforms use technology to provide real-time translations of lessons, courses and teaching materials, ensuring access to that information in multiple languages.

Articulate Storyline is the tool we use to create and deliver e-learning content in various languages. By personalising the learning experience, creating interactive scenarios and adding engaging multimedia elements, this software enhances interaction and makes content easier to understand. As project managers at Translator SRL, we make sure that the content we translate and adapt keeps the same tone.

Storyline makes it easy to integrate different types of multimedia content such as images, videos and sounds. Our software allows us to subtitle media materials and adapt their soundtracks to different target audiences, depending on the language in which localisation is desired, thus enabling developers to bring variety and life to their e-learning modules.

Employee courses, in-house training and other such courses can be delivered in the target audience’s native language. All you have to do is contact us!

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Artificial intelligence and machine translation systems

Artificial intelligence has brought major innovations to the field of translation. Neural machine translation (NMT) systems are one example, providing more natural and consistent translations. AI can also help identify specific terminology, perform sentiment analysis and generate content. However, AI-assisted translation is not without its challenges. Machine translations can have difficulty capturing cultural nuances and multiple meanings of words. In addition, it is essential to maintain a balance between technological efficiency and translation quality. 

At Translator SRL, we have implemented machine translation (MT) technology to automatically translate texts from one language to another. Programs such as Deepl or Intento are neural machine translation systems that we can integrate with our CAT tools to get the best results by combining the two technologies with the professionalism and experience of our human translators.

From translating words and sentences to longer texts, MT technology has evolved significantly. However, the quality of machine translations can vary according to language, context and terminology and is as yet unable to equal human creativity or render linguistic nuances.

Benefits of using MT in translation

Speed: machine translation allows you to get translations in real time or very quickly, speeding up workflow and delivery time.

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Efficiency: machine translation can be used for repetitive or frequent texts, freeing up the translators’ time for more complex and creative content, terminology research and refining texts.

Cost Reduction: using MT can reduce translation costs by automating the whole process.

With machine translation technology and process automation, the translation industry is seeing significant changes. These technologies can improve the efficiency, speed and accessibility of translations, but they must be used with care. Combining technology with our professional translators’ human experience can give the best results, ensuring the quality and cultural appropriateness of the translated content.

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CRM system with integrated ERP

We orchestrate your entire business and all your projects with a CRM system with integrated ERP. Our system is tailored to our services and needs, and our project managers use this centralised platform to manage and improve interactions with our clients. 

The main benefits of this system are:

Efficient management of client information

One of the biggest advantages of using a CRM system is the centralisation and organisation of client data. All client information is stored in one place. The database includes legal documentation (contracts, contract updates, NDAs), company information, client contact details, price lists, dedicated translator information, interactions, project history and client specifications, providing the project manager with a comprehensive view and quick access to all this information.

Improving communication and interactions with clients

An effective and well-implemented CRM allows us to customise communication with clients according to their needs and preferences, leading to more relevant interactions that strengthen our relationship with each client and create a more enjoyable experience.

Performance monitoring and data analysis

With access to client history and preferences, the CRM system provides us with the tools we need to track key sales, service and performance indicators for each client’s dedicated team. Analysis of this data allows us to analyse project progress and volume for each language combination, identify trends, improve processes and make informed decisions that will allow us to reduce costs for subsequent contracts and offer benefits to loyal customers.

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Automating and streamlining processes

Automation is another major benefit of our CRM system. All processes and communications are automated. The integration of CAT tools enables us to quickly perform analyses and offer quotes. We can track leads, send customised quotes and track the production process and the entire automated workflow, saving time and streamlining the whole project management system.

Better coordination and collaboration between departments

The CRM facilitates collaboration between our departments. All team members have access to the same information in real time, which prevents dysfunctions and increases the efficiency of our language project management.

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