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Translator SRL offers professional translation services, as well as a whole range of customised language services supported by our profession-specific software and programs, tailored to the requirements of partners in various fields and professionally utilised to bring real value to your deliverables at low cost and in a timely manner for your initiative or project.   


A 100% Romanian-owned company, Translator SRL has grown and developed in the heart of Cluj – one of the most modern, dynamic and attractive cities in South-East Europe thanks to its strong university centre, research and innovation institutions and seven clusters vital to its status as an important European business and social hub. As the historical capital of Romania, a cultural centre and also a city home to international festivals, we have a solid base built up over almost 20 years’ experience in the field of languages. We have developed feeling the pulse of a city in continuous economic growth, going from a local translation office to a translation agency that has diversified its range of services and become more professional, always responding to the demands of the market and those of our partners.

Today, Translator SRL is an LSP (language services provider) firmly anchored in the local and international business environment, equally client- and supplier-oriented, with an open and conscious management and a dynamic team of young professionals dedicated to their work. We grow and develop professionally together, building lasting friendships and relationships based on trust within the community of which we are part.

We have been a language services provider since November 2004, and we are ELIA members and ISO 9001 certified. The quality of Translator SRL processes is governed by ISO 17100, ISO 9001 – 2015, ISO 704 and ISO 1087 (for terminology management), ISO 18587 (for post-editing) and ISO 20071-23 (for subtitling), adapted to our partners’ integrated technology, requirements and specifications. 

According to the CNIPMMR’s annual Global Business Performance Index (IPGA), we have been ranked among Romania’s top five companies for the last five years.

The value we deliver is created by people. They are our main asset, properly-trained people on the Translator team who easily integrate into your system and readily adapt to your way of working, style, language and organisational culture.

Business Support Services

Translator SRL efficiently and responsibly integrates language solutions and orchestrated technology with accuracy and insight into the processes of the companies we serve. Almost 20 years of experience allow us to offer the right solutions for you. With a consistent, serious and committed supplier, partnerships become long lasting, especially when working with people of great competence and integrity who know what they’re doing.


Industry experience

The dedication of our young team with its passion for technology and innovation is backed by the diligence and competence of our conscious human management. The founders of Translator SRL, with 20 years’ experience in language solutions, are directly involved with our specialised teams so as to adapt and respond responsibly to the challenges you face. We take full charge of the solutions we offer, staying with you throughout the entire project and implementing an integrated management system that our clients deem irreplaceable. 

Project management is at the heart of every company. In today’s competitive world, what makes the difference is credibility and trust, earned through the ability to manage projects well. At Translator SRL, we ensure that each project meets our clients’ expectations and enables them to access the global market.

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A whole range of language solutions that make it easier for you to communicate in over 30 languages.

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How we work?


  • We receive your request directly from the website or by e-mail


  • One of our project managers assesses the files and drafts a quote based on the services requested and the specifications provided


  • The files are processed for translation, subtitling or localisation


  • We run the processed files through specific software and the entire production process, including final review and verification


  • We deliver the materials in the target language according to agreed quality standards and in the same format as the originals


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