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Multimedia translation services

Cu ajutorul serviciilor noastre de traducere multimedia (traduceri filme, traducere video, editare video, voice over), veți ajunge ușor la audiența dorită.

Our portfolio includes over 80 multimedia projects. At Translator SRL, we use the most modern technologies and software for audiovisual translations, allowing us to handle any type of content: movies, adverts, product or service presentations, teleconferences, business meetings, formal and informal discussions, interviews, speeches, seminars, courses, workshops, documentaries, etc.


Combining these programs with our dynamic and dedicated team of professionals, we have served clients not only in the film industry but also in fields such as metallurgy, medicine and sales, who, with the help of our audiovisual translation services, have been able to make their voice and message heard by a wide audience.

Because we know how important multimedia projects are to our clients, we have expanded our range of multimedia translation services over the last 10 years.

This means we can provide you with a complete package of multimedia translation services (audiovisual translation, subtitle translation, video editing, dubbing) or you can choose only the service that suits your current needs.

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Audiovisual translation – content that makes sense to your audience

Audiovisual translation – professional subtitling

In recent years, videos have become the main attraction. In addition to movie transcripts in different languages, we offer our clients subtitling and video translation services so they can promote their products and services to foreign audiences.

Professional subtitling involves translating and adapting audiovisual material into another language while preserving the original meaning and authenticity of the message conveyed. It’s not an easy task, but with over five years’ experience in the industry, we can offer quality video translation services at competitive rates.

Large companies in various industries are increasingly turning to video translation services. Why? Because subtitled videos reach a much wider and more varied audience. Thanks to professional subtitling, a company can promote its values, principles and mission easily and at a much lower cost.

Not convinced that subtitling services are what you need?

Iată care sunt avantajele unui conținut subtitrat:

Supports the message visually, makes it easy to follow and understand for all audiences, including the hard of hearing

Uses the visual nature of the information communicated

Branding is localised internationally

Transmits your message to a target audience in another country (customers, suppliers, collaborators, business partners, etc.)

Innovative way of conveying your company's values by eliminating the need for brochures, leaflets and other paper-based media

Technologises training/education processes for staff or providers, moving away from expensive in-person courses

Lets you edit content in a clear and attractive manner, with a focus on identifying the visual identity and core elements of the message

Includes a much wider audience

Not as many expenditures or time required for company specialists to travel to promote the products or services offered

Greater visibility in online environments

If you are interested in professional subtitling services, captioning or audio translations, don't wait!

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A perfectly synchronised video

Video editing

Our multimedia range also includes a video editing service to ensure your video is perfectly in line with the required standards.

With our video editing process, we ensure that all video materials are perfectly tailored to our clients’ needs, whether it be through subtitle synchronisation, subtitle overwriting or video trimming.

Some clients prefer to translate their audiovisual materials in-house, but they often lack the necessary expertise or subtitle synchronisation software to generate subtitles that are both appropriate and synchronised with the video material. Luckily, they can rely on our professional video editing services to complete their multimedia project!

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Already translated a video and want to make it easier to watch with synchronised and appropriate subtitles?

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Same video, different voice


In some audiovisual materials, the spoken content is much more important than the visual content. For this type of project, we support our clients with voice-over services.

As the name suggests, voice-over involves adding a new voice over the original one, delivering the same information in a different language. Not to be confused with film dubbing, where the voice of the dubbing actor completely replaces the original voice.

In addition to dozens of female and male voices, we have advanced editing software, enabling us to offer customers a quality product at a great price.

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Want to give (another) voice to your audiovisual material?

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