Certified Translation Services

Certified Translation Services

Translator SRL is a translation agency offering certified, notarised, medical, legal, technical and machine-related translation services at a great price-quality ratio.

Our linguistic project management and translation services provide you with the expertise and professionalism needed to ensure the accurate and efficient transmission of information in various fields. 

Whether you need a simple translation, a certified or notarised translation or a specialised translation carried out by a native speaker, our translation agency has the right solutions and professionals for the job!

Our expertise acquired over 20 years in the business and our solid portfolios of technical, medical, legal, website and marketing translations recommend us and enable us to advise you wisely in choosing and obtaining the type of translation that will best meet your needs and requirements.

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Certified translations – certified by the certified translator

Certified translation services

As a translation agency, Translator SRL makes sure that each certified translation is carried out by a translator authorised by the Ministry of Justice and bears their stamp and signature.

Certified translation services provide you with a translation bearing the stamp and signature of a certified translator (the one who carried out the translation). Certified translations are performed by translators authorised by the Ministry of Justice.

In other words, certified translation means that the translation must be signed and stamped by a person who holds the certificate of certified translator issued by the Ministry of Justice, which guarantees that the content and meaning of the text being translated are preserved in the translation.

If you need certified translations that can be presented to any public or private institution, public administration or third party at home or abroad, a translation agency like Translator SRL is the ideal solution.

Certified translation services are generally intended for administrative authorities requesting an official document. Certified translation concerns several types of documents:

  • Civil status documents: birth certificates, family record booklets, driver’s licences, identity papers, marriage certificates, certificates of identity;
  • Notarial documents: wills, bills of sale, powers of attorney;
  • Business documents: articles of association and accounting records, general terms and conditions of sale and purchase, employment contracts;
  • Legal documents: criminal records, divorce decrees, judgements.
Notarised translations – authenticated by a notary public

Notarised translation services

A notarised translation is a form of translation that has an extra element in addition to the certified translation, namely the signature of a notary public, attesting to the authenticity of the signature and stamp of the certified translator signing the document.

Notarised translation services require that a certified translation be authenticated by a notary. The notary public certifies that the signature and stamp on the translation are indeed those of a certified translator, as they have a database containing specimen signatures and stamps of the certified translators concerned. For a certified translation to be authenticated by a notary public, the certified translators must be registered with the Chamber of Notaries Public and have submitted their specimen signature and stamp to the office of the notary public. 

Notarised translation services therefore involve additional effort and cost because notary fees are also required. In general, notarised translations are required when dealing with legal authorities and official institutions. Notarised translations may be necessary in Romania or abroad for legal procedures such as: entering into partnerships and contracts, opening companies or branches, participating in auctions, marriage, divorce, obtaining documents, study equivalences.

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An Apostille is a stamp or certificate issued by the competent authorities of a Hague Convention signatory State for official documents drawn up in that country which are to be presented on the territory of another signatory State of the Convention.

More precisely, the Apostille is a super-legalisation of an already notarised document in order for that document to be recognised in a Hague Convention signatory State.

An Apostille is required when the origin of an official document needs to be authenticated so that authorities in a country other than the issuing country know that the document is not a fake.

traduceri legalizate

The Apostille may only be issued by the country issuing the original document.

An Apostille can be applied to the original document, a notarised translation or a notarised copy of the following types of documents: birth, marriage and death certificates; documents issued by the personal records services; citizenship/residence documents; legal/tax records; income certificates; educational documents (baccalaureate, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, PhD, postdoctoral diploma); qualification documents for a profession; patents; certificates of competence (translator, for example); medical documents (vaccination, medical certificates).

Any document to which the Apostille has been affixed is automatically recognised and can be used in any other Hague Convention signatory State.

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Excellence in global communication with professional specialised translations

Specialised translations

Translator SRL is a translation agency that provides you with complex specialised translation packages, which play a key role in ensuring the accurate and efficient transmission of information in various fields. 

Our professional translation services involve expertise in specific content areas such as medical, technical, legal or financial. In such specialised fields, accuracy and consistency are crucial. An incorrect or ambiguous translation can have significant consequences, including the risk of misdiagnosing a medical condition or misinterpreting a law. Specialised translators have a sound knowledge of their specific field. A professional medical translator, for example, needs to understand medical terminology and keep up to date on new developments and practices. This technical expertise contributes to the accuracy and relevance of translations.

Translator SRL works with native translators who understand cultural and linguistic subtleties. Some expressions or concepts may have different meanings in different cultures or may be conveyed differently in different languages. We therefore make sure that all translations are tailored to their target audience.

Technical expertise, cultural knowledge and commitment to quality make professional specialised translations a vital tool in the age of globalisation, contributing to the success and integrity of organisations and institutions in international relations.

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We are a translation agency handling technical, legal, medical and marketing translations. And we're just a click away!

The importance of medical translations in global medical communication

Specialised medical translation services play a vital role in global communication in the fields of health, psychology and medicine. In an increasingly interconnected world, medical information needs to be accessible and properly understood in different languages and cultures. Specialised medical translators are key to ensuring that complex terminology and critical health issues are conveyed accurately and consistently.

Our team of project managers specialising in medical projects is at your disposal for medical translations, pharmaceutical vigilance, medical records, diagnostic records, medical analyses, validation reports of patient questionnaires, scientific articles and clinical studies.

The translation process for medical projects is complex and goes through several stages to ensure the quality and accuracy of the terminology, from translation to revision, back translation and final proofreading. Our medical translators are specialists in this field and our revisers are doctors who have acquired professional translation skills.

The teams thus formed and our dedicated project managers, supported by specific technology and solid terminology bases, ensure:

Accuracy of terminology: the medical world relies on complex and specialised terminology that varies from one language to another. Specialised medical translators have the necessary knowledge to successfully navigate this terminology and ensure

  • consistent and accurate information. Abbreviations, formulas and medical terms are highly specialised and leave no room for misinterpretation or error. Professional medical linguists understand the terminology and the specific context, thus avoiding any confusion or ambiguity.
  • Patient safety: incorrect medical translations can have serious consequences for patients’ health. A misnomer or a misinterpretation of a diagnosis can lead to ineffective treatments or even severe complications. For example, an important medicine may be prescribed with the wrong dosage because of an inaccurate medical translation of the instructions. From lab results to medical leaflets, these specialised translators must pay attention to every detail to avoid any misinterpretations.
  • Regulatory compliance: in many countries, medical translations must comply with specific medical regulations. Medical translators know these requirements and can localise translations to suit local standards.
  • Prevention of stigma and cultural misconceptions: in addition to medical terminology, medical translators must be aware of the cultural issues involved in medical communication. Cultural practices and beliefs can influence the perception and acceptance of health care. Certain words or concepts related to health may have different cultural connotations. Our specialised translators understand these sensitivities and can find appropriate equivalents to avoid stigma or misunderstanding.
  • Accuracy in complex documents: medical translation services are not limited to general texts. They often include documents such as medical records, clinical trials, treatment guidelines and scientific articles. Medical translators have the experience to deal with such complex materials, and our project managers can successfully manage clinical trials and linguistic validation reports of various patient questionnaires.
  • Communication in different contexts: medical translators can work in a wide range of situations, from international medical research collaborations to translating for patients and families from different cultures. Our specialised medical interpreters make it possible for a doctor and a patient who don’t speak the same language to communicate with each other. These interpreting services provide both parties with great support, either through the physical presence of the interpreter in the doctor’s office or through over-the-phone interpreting or RSI.

Medical translation and medical interpreting services form a crucial link in the global flow of medical information. Translator SRL is a translation agency that enables patients, healthcare professionals and researchers to communicate and collaborate efficiently and accurately without compromising the safety and quality of healthcare. Choosing a translator or interpreter specialising in the medical field can have a significant impact on the health and general well-being of the population.

Investing in quality medical translation services

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The importance of technical translation services by native speakers

In a world dominated by technology, quality technical translation services have become essential to facilitate effective communication between companies, industries and different cultures.

A translation agency with a portfolio of native translators from 6 continents can provide specialised translations in which specific terminology and technical jargon are correctly conveyed in a foreign language. At Translator SRL, our technical translation services concern specialised content in areas such as IT, heavy industry, automotive, metallurgy, civil engineering, construction, robotics, electronics and telecommunications. These industries use complex and detailed terminology which must be understood and conveyed accurately to ensure the integrity of the information. Our professional management of client-approved terminology and our careful use of translation memories created over 20 years of close communication with engineers from the companies we serve, along with our teams of dedicated translators and the complex work processes handled by the managers in our translation agency, have led our partners and of the technical departments of large companies to place their trust in us.

The expertise of native translators comes into play through their knowledge of technical jargon and cultural subtleties and their adaptation to the target audience, from experts in the field to end users.

Often, translating the technical content of manuals, work instructions, commissioning procedures, technical data sheets or technical safety data requires the graphic processing and editing of diagrams, images, graphics and various .pdf, .idml or .autocad formats, which our graphic designers and DTP specialists prepare for translation or printing. 

Brochures and presentation materials for various types of software, machinery, machines, appliances and tools require text adaptation and the use of marketing language. A native translator can adapt the tone and style of a text according to the company’s identity elements and the target audience, making technical translations accessible and relevant to each target group.

Professional training and workplace safety courses contain specialist language and technical jargon specific to your company. If you have a multilingual audience, a specialised translation is the ideal solution to convey the intended message. Our translators will travel to your site or factory to mediate such communications and ensure that your instructions achieve their purpose.

E-learning translation services in a wide range of language combinations are a less expensive alternative to having an on-site translator. We also offer video translation services to make your message as attractive as possible in the language of your intended audience.

The world of technology is evolving rapidly, bringing new terms and concepts to areas such as computing, telecommunications and engineering. Native translators are usually better equipped to deal with this constant change, with access to up-to-date resources and more chances of keeping their language and technical skills up to date.

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Legal translation services in professional communication

Legal translation services play a key role in ensuring clear, accurate and legally compliant communication in a globalised world. Hiring a translation agency with professional translators who have legal expertise is the right choice to avoid ambiguities, errors and misinterpretations that may have significant legal consequences. Legal translation services help ensure the legal protection and integrity of information in the complex world of international relations.

Our team of dedicated legal project managers and legally trained translators ensures:

  • Expertise in legal terminology: legal terminology is complex and specific, varying from one country to another. Tender documents, company administrative documents, contracts, notarial deeds, court rulings, judicial reports and legislation in force require precise and meticulous legal translations to preserve the integrity and correct rendering of the content by equating the specific terminology in the source language with that in the target language. Like any other specialised translation, legal translation requires terminological expertise, in-depth specialist knowledge, and knowledge of the rules and conventions imposed by the standards of the translation profession. 
  • Certification and notarisation of translations: most legal documents are required to be authorised by a translator certified by the Ministry of Justice or even authenticated by a notary public. Translator SRL is a translation agency providing notarised and certified translation services with the further possibility of applying the Hague Apostille.
  • Compliance with local laws and standards: different jurisdictions each have specific laws and standards that must be respected in legal documents. A certified translation agency and native translators know these rules and can adapt translations to suit local legal requirements.
  • Confidentiality and integrity: legal documents may contain sensitive and confidential information. Translator SRL is a translation agency with a clear policy on personal data protection and confidentiality. Our translators and project managers are trained in this respect, sign binding contracts and are committed to respecting the confidentiality and integrity of our clients’ documents, ensuring that they are not disclosed or compromised in any way.
  • Legal expertise and continuous updating: laws and regulations are constantly changing, and a translation agency needs to keep abreast of legislative developments in relevant countries. Our experience and legal knowledge enable us to provide document translation services in accordance with the latest changes and to ensure that such translations and their format are in line with current requirements.
  • Consecutive interpretation: at the request of courts and courts of appeal, notaries, police commissioners or lawyers representing legal entities or individuals, our certified translators will travel to the jurisdiction they belong to in order to provide support during trials, interrogations and other legal proceedings requiring the presence of a certified translator. Our over-the-phone interpretation service is an ideal solution in various situations where an interpreter is needed urgently or where there is no interpreter available in the jurisdiction to physically attend a legal event.

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If you need legal translation services or advice on translating your documents and papers.
Financial and commercial translation services for multinationals and international businesses

At Translator SRL, we ensure that financial and commercial translation services add value to your business by delivering financial and commercial messages and documents translated accurately, clearly and appropriately into the target language and tax context. To ensure success in the global marketplace, specialised financial and commercial translators are essential for overcoming linguistic barriers and facilitating sustainable business relationships.

As a translation agency working closely with various departments of multinationals with subsidiaries in different countries, Translator SRL handles tax documents, balance sheets, financial reports, audit reports, purchase contracts, certificates and tax records along with all their specific specialised terminology in various language combinations, preserving the format in which they are issued and certifying translations where required by law.

Our professional translators specialising in this field provide:

  • Terminological accuracy: the financial-accounting language is made up of a narrow range of specialised terms that we translate consistently and accurately into the target language, using terminology glossaries approved by major financial companies and the accounting departments of various subsidiaries.
  • Adaptation to local standards: each country has its own standards and rules for financial and trade reporting. Specialised translators are familiar with these rules and know how to adapt translations to comply with local standards, ensuring that the information is presented in a relevant and legal way.
  • Correct interpretation of figures and data: financial translations often involve interpreting financial figures, data and reports. Any error in translation can lead to misinterpretations of a company’s financial situation or performance. Translators specialising in this field are trained to handle figures accurately, ensuring that all information remains unaltered.
  • Transparency and successful partnerships: in the business world, a clear understanding of financial and commercial information is essential for making informed decisions. Proper financial and commercial translations contribute to transparency and effective communication between stakeholders including companies, investors and regulators.
  • Non-disclosure: tax documents and commercial contracts contain sensitive and confidential information. Translator SRL is a translation agency whose translators and project managers adhere to a clear policy on data protection and confidentiality. 

Successful negotiations and partnerships: commercial translations allow companies to present their offers and proposals in a clear and attractive way to potential foreign partners or customers. These translations play an important role in gaining trust and establishing successful business relationships. The specialist translators in our translation agency are here to support you in your business dealings or before the Trade Register thanks to interpreting services that facilitate communication with your external partner or certified translation services allowing you to submit documents in an appropriate form.

For tax document translations and other specialised commercial translations,

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Translating words into art – the importance of creative translations in marketing and advertising

We are a translation agency with specialised marketing and advertising translators, copywriters and content creators, mainly creative native translators who can successfully localise your company’s identity elements, internal jargon and advertising messages. We offer marketing translation services in a package including the translation of documents, slogans, advertising spots, brochures, press releases and product presentations, along with text adaptation services and video translation and subtitling services. Your message must remain authentic and engaging for the target audience. Adaptability, copywriting, cultural awareness and collaborative confidence are key elements for our top clients in this field and for the marketing departments of large companies. 

Through insight, trust in professionals and a creative approach, companies can transform their messages into powerful tools for persuasion and connection, leading to their overall success and growth. At Translator SRL, we ensure:

  • Text adaptation and storytelling: in marketing and advertising, storytelling is often used to create emotional connections with audiences. Native translators who specialise in this field are able to retain those emotional nuances and translate them into another language. They understand the cultures and meanings associated with certain words or concepts so the story remains authentic and engaging for the target audience.
  • Copywriting and impactful messaging: copywriting services play a key role in persuading and inspiring audiences. Marketing translators have strong copywriting skills in the target languages so that the message remains persuasive and engaging. They have to find creative equivalents for puns, idioms and stylistic elements that may vary from one language to another. Copywriting is the art and science of creating a persuasive copy that attracts audiences and persuades them to act. When translating and adapting, translators and copywriters need to retain the essence of persuasion and create engaging texts that work in the target culture.
  • Cultural understanding: our creative translators show subtle insight in adapting texts to the target culture. Cultural aspects, humour and sensitivities can vary significantly from one region to another. A translator who understands a culture properly can adjust words to fit cultural norms and values without compromising the core message.
  • Preservation of the vision and brand elements: by adapting and translating creative texts, companies can build a strong and consistent global brand image. Correctly tailored messages help them connect with target audiences from different cultures, leading to trust, loyalty and business growth. Extensive collaboration with a reliable translation agency such as Translator SRL is crucial to ensure quality and consistency in the translation and adaptation of your creative texts. You can rely on the experience and knowledge of our translators and project managers, who understand and share the values and mission of our business partners and know their organisational culture and brand identity elements inside out – all key elements in achieving the desired results and maintaining the initial vision of the marketing campaign.

In marketing, adapting and translating creative texts is not only a necessity but also an opportunity to reach new markets and build strong relationships with customers around the world. If you need a translation agency with a vast portfolio of such services, feel free to contact us!

An effective solution in urgent situations

Machine translation post-editing (MTPE)

Urgently need a translation? Find out how machine translation works, what types of machine translation exist and what advantages our machine translation services offer you.

We translate. We edit. We revise and proofread the text. We deliver professional translations supported by technology and enhanced by an expert translator within hours.

MTPE is the ideal solution to expand your business and connect with customers in different countries and cultures in a very short time. With our MTPE services, you can enjoy the following benefits:

birou de traduceri

Money savings: with MTPE, you can considerably reduce the costs of translation services while still getting a good quality translation. We offer competitive and transparent rates, depending on the volume and complexity of the text requiring machine translation.

Time savings: we can carry out a machine translation for almost any type of text in just a few minutes. So, if you need a translation urgently, the MTPE service is the right solution for you! Just provide us with the text and specify the language in which you need the machine translation to be performed and we will get back to you with the translated text.

Precision: an MTPE service is always true to your text and contains no grammatical or spelling errors. At Translator SRL, we use the most advanced translation and proofreading technologies and methods, which can be adapted to various fields and styles.

Efficiency: machine translations are optimised by our linguists to take into account the linguistic norms and preferences of a specific target audience. We use translation models based on neural networks which are constantly learning and improving. Our machine translation systems are also secure, which means you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your data.

At Translator SRL, we offer professional MTPE services that combine the most advanced translation technologies and methods to provide our clients with fast, accurate and efficient results.

In addition, if you want to make sure that the MTPE service is perfectly tailored to your needs, we offer full post-editing services. Post-editing involves human proofreading, i.e. a specialised translator checking and correcting the machine translation. This means you can benefit from a high-quality translation that meets your desired norms and language standards.

Here's how the technology of the future works:

MT (no check, instant, free of charge) vs professional post-edited machine translation (proofread by an expert, delivered fast, at lower costs).
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