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Global translation services

At Translator SRL, a project manager and a dedicated translator provide you with professional language solutions and global translation services perfectly tailored to your needs.

We are project managers delivering support services and the best means of communicating with your clients and business partners.  

Our strength is the management of language processes within your organisation.

Whether it’s the translation of documents, technical documentation, clinical studies or financial reports, or the multilingual translation of presentation website content or multimedia materials, we provide you with a professionally certified translator in each field and teams of specialists dedicated to your organisation.


They will keep an overview of your existing needs, offer free advice and suggest viable language solutions and additional support services such as copywriting, DTP, subtitling, interpreting, certified translations or notarised translations, testing and QA or management for e-learning projects.

Who are a project manager’s best friends? Colleagues first and foremost. Translators, graphic designers, subtitlers, interpreters, engineers? They are all always close to us. So are automation, professional standards and happy clients.


Happy clients

What are we most excited about? Team successes, happy clients and reliable, long-lasting partnerships.

Our gratitude towards our clients translates into dedicated teams of project managers and translators who are familiar with the brand identity, values, specificities and processes of each client they serve, as well as attention to their needs, effective communication, fast delivery of customised professional translations, linguistic and terminological consistency, low costs and 24-hour support.

Leading global companies on six continents, similar to your own company, have placed their trust in us, resulting in lasting partnerships. 

Recommendations and feedback are the foundation of our success story and make it possible to build trust-based relationships.

Over-the-phone interpreting (OPI)

• 10 languages paired with English: Bulgarian, Romanian, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish, Farsi, Albanian, Portuguese, German
• 50 native professional interpreters
• 2,721,420 serviced minutes
• Since 2021

Specialised technical translation

• Manuals for industrial and agricultural machinery
• 4 languages paired with English: French, German, Spanish, European Portuguese
• 8 professional translators
• 8,000,000 translated words
• 18,300 Adobe InDesign DTP pages
• In 6 months

Certified translation

• 250 financial documents in PDF format
• Over 262,000 translated words
• From English into Romanian
• 10 professional translators
• In 30 working days

Language localisation for e-shops

• Dedicated to major manufacturers of agricultural and automotive machinery and their components
• 27 languages paired with English: French, German, Spanish, European Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, Slovenian, Danish, Finnish, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese
• 60 professional translators
• 1,215,000 translated words
Processing of .json files for CAT tools, processing of FIGMA files for final review
In 3 months

Translation and linguistic validation of medical questionnaires

• Questionnaires for patients with foot problems
• Methodology involving translation – reconciliation – back translation – investigation with the help of doctors and their patients – investigation reports and final report
• From English into Romanian
• 4 professional medical translators and 2 doctors in an investigative roles

Subtitling services

• Over 65,000 minutes of films, documentaries, TV shows, series and cartoons
• In .srt format
• From English, Greek and French into Romanian and English
• Team of 35 subtitlers
• Since 2021

We are happy to work with people who understand our needs and support us in completing our tasks. TRANSLATOR team offered professionalism, promptness and perceptiveness each time we had very short deadlines and in any other situation. Thank you for everything!




Transparency, expertize and integrity – are also our values and we are happy to share them with our partner. TRANSLATOR team gained our trust with every interaction and delivered translation, thus building a solid, long-term business relationship.




A successful collaboration with a flexible, competent and reliable partner, always willing to find solutions to the most unexpected requests.




For the last 12 years we have been outsourcing all our linguistic projects that could not be handled internally to Translator SRL. They are our reliable partners for all our working language pairs and we look forward to continuing our partnership well into the future.




Translator S.R.L. has been a reliable translation provider for more than 5 years. Due to their professionalism and timely delivery, we have entrusted them with the translation of our internal documents and regulatory paperwork.



Our translation partners from Translator SRL have always helped us during our scientific events. They offered simultaneous translations that involved medical terminology about podiatry and the diabetic foot. We recommend them as a trustworthy partner to anyone who requires professional languages services.



Excellent to work with, extremely reliable, among the few agencies that also has respect for the translator, not only for the customer.




Communication, delivery confirmation and payment – all just fine. I definitely recommend working with Dragos and his team at Translator SRL.




Very nice cooperation for years. Larisa is one of my best PMs. She is very nice, she gives clear instructions about the project. And payment always on time. It’s a pleasure working with them.




I enjoyed working with this translation agency. Excellent communication with the project manager and clear instructions. I look forward to working with this professional team again.



Interesting project, clear instruction, and payment on time. Larisa was very helpful and supportive.




I’ve carried out 2 interpreting assignments for them, through Madalina, who’s extremely professional. An agency that deals with translators in a respectful and fair way. Interesting projects too.




Nice projects, smooth communication, timely payments. I will gladly work with Octaviana again.




Very nice and friendly cooperation. Hope to work with you soon!!




This is a great company, good rates and payment on time. Looking forward to working with you again! Thank you!




Thank you very much, for the good service always! And yes if I ever need a translation, I will certainly contact you.




Thank you very much for your fast translation with high professional quality. Many, many thanks for your excellent and outstanding work! We still have no comments. Perfect!




I have been working with Translator SRL for 3 years now and I may say they are one of my favourite suppliers. They are always delivering quality translations. Since our documents are highly technical, it was difficult for us to find a translation supplier capable to adapt to our needs. I am extremely satisfied with the business relationship we developed together and I kindly recommend Translator SRL’s services. 

Robert Major

marketing manager Testo România

I would like to express my sincere consideration for the exceptional translation services provided by Translator SRL. During our cooperation, they have constantly kept a high level of professionalism, expertize and efficiency in delivering precise and high quality translations. 

Translator SRL proved to be a trustworthy and dedicated partner, capable to precisely manage complex technical terminology. Their commitment to deliver reliable translations in a timely manner significantly contributed to our projects’ success.  

Their proactive approach to understand our specific needs resulted in tailoring their services according to our requirements. I should also mention their cost-effective rates. Their flexibility and receptiveness to meeting our projects’ deadlines significantly optimized our processes.  

I truly recommend Translator SRL as a reliable language solutions provider for any organization looking for precise, cost-effective solutions delivered on time. Their dedication and professionalism add value to any translation project.

Petru-Daniel Sigartau

Lean manufacturing Ulma Packaging

The best part is customer service. Highly responsive and tried their best to accommodate the last minute emergency requests. Always responded quickly and professionally, and very helpful. Quality work professionally done!

Madina Abdullayeva

Free Press for Eastern Europe

I take this opportunity to thank you for our cooperation. It was by far the best translated part of the entire book (you provided the translation of only one quarter of the book).  I assure you that I was very pleased of our entire collaboration and I will definitely require your services again. Wishing you all the best!

Adrian Popa


I would like to make a point by saying that the client (WTE Wassertechnik GmbH) was very pleased with your services and asked me to send you their congrats. They are a client with extensive experience in litigation processes that require real-time translations across different European states.


Associate - Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii

I missed sending a final message of compliments, but I think we managed a quite complex project smoothly and get a remarkable result.

My native speaker colleagues gave a positive feedback, although some subtleties need to be refined, and this is unavoidable due to the fact that you do not work in our domain nor know our products.

I am looking forward to cooperate with you for further projects in the future.

Andrea Rinaldi

Microarea S.p.A.

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Friends of the Translator team

Our best friends are our colleagues, project managers and linguists who are open to new things, with experience built up over time in an environment where initiative is encouraged.

Passionate, skilled, enthusiastic and responsive, our colleagues will earn your trust as they integrate Translator SRL’s services into your processes, and tangible, measurable results will soon follow.

DTP Specialist

Alina Moraru

Project Manager

Bianca Borlea

Interpreting services Team Leader

Călina Miron

Project Manager

Dacian Mărgăuan


Dragoș Grasu

Business development Executive partner

Larisa Tertiș

Account manager

Mădălina Străjeriu

Internal Division Manager


Managing Partner CEO

Octaviana Albu

Multimedia solutions Team leader

Sabina Răpcău

Project Manager

Alina Niculescu

Project Manager

Vladimir Gheorghiu

Project Manager

Andrada Dragoste

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Translator SRL’s mission is to efficiently and responsibly integrate global translation services and accurately and thoughtfully orchestrated technology into the processes of the companies we serve.

We are project managers delivering support services tailored to the needs of our business partners. Our experience in professional translations, language solutions and quality management for a variety of industries helps us process and structure each process according to each organisation’s specific content. We build and train the right teams for each client in order to optimise existing technical and human resources and ensure long-term linguistic and terminological consistency.

At Translator SRL, we integrate automation and artificial intelligence into complex language solution packages along with the insight, perceptiveness, experience and creativity of our teams of project managers and dedicated professionals.

We help your business or organisation adapt to new technologies, automate language processes in partner companies and ensure that the results of these processes are tailored to your company’s values, policies, identity and specificities through technical, linguistic and terminological management at the expected quality level.

The values of Translator SRL are embodied in every translator, subtitler, interpreter or project manager on our team and we apply them every day. They are the values on which our identity as an entity and a sustainable “togetherness” is built.

The dedication of our young team with its passion for technology and innovation is backed by the diligence and competence of our conscious human management. The founders of Translator SRL, with 20 years’ experience in global translation services, are directly involved with our specialised teams so as to adapt and respond responsibly to the challenges you face. We take full charge of the solutions we offer, staying with you throughout the entire project and implementing an integrated management system that our clients deem irreplaceable. 

Project management is at the heart of every company. In today’s competitive world, what makes the difference is credibility and trust, earned through the ability to manage projects well. At Translator SRL, we ensure that each project meets the client’s expectations and enables them to access the global market.

Frequently asked questions


How can I get a quote for a website translation?

Send us the web page and the languages in which the website translation service is required. We will extract the text, assess it by performing a word count and, depending on its complexity, get back to you with a cost and time estimate for the project.

How can I submit a translation project?

Go to the contact form, follow all the steps and send us the relevant information. We will get back to you with an offer as soon as possible.

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