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Interpreting services

Our simultaneous, over-the-phone and consecutive interpretation services facilitate efficient communication with authorities, public institutions and business partners.

We live in a world connected by commerce and technology where interpreting services transcend linguistic and cultural barriers. With our interpreting services, you can communicate effectively with state authorities or public institutions in another country or when working abroad.


We provide expertise and professionalism to ensure fluent and effective communication in multilingual and multicultural environments, facilitating dialogue and removing linguistic barriers so you can communicate confidently and successfully in any international setting.

Looking for professional and reliable interpreting services? Whether you require remote, on-site or over-the-phone interpretation, we can help you with the right professionals and equipment. We offer certified interpreting services for various needs such as visits to notaries, banks, courts or doctors, interactions with public authorities or drawing up contracts with your business partners. Our teams of specialised interpreters deliver professional simultaneous or consecutive interpretation services for events such as conferences, training sessions, workshops, business meetings and more.

Our interpreters are experienced and highly trained, specialising in various fields of business, medicine, technology, legal and more. Whatever the specifics of the event, we have language experts who will carry out accurate and precise interpretation. With almost 20 years’ experience in such services, we can guide you towards the successful organisation of your event.

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The key to a wider audience

Simultaneous interpretation

The simultaneous interpretation process is the key to a wider audience! It is a complex and vital endeavour in today’s globalised world, where international interactions and communication between people speaking different languages are increasingly common. Simultaneous translation or simultaneous interpretation services involve the real-time translation of a message or speech from one language into another, thus giving participants the opportunity to communicate using their mother tongue. Typically, simultaneous interpretation takes place at larger events such as international conferences, diplomatic meetings, congresses and other situations where fast and accurate communication is essential.

A number of skills are essential for successful simultaneous interpretation. Interpreters must be bilingual, have a deep understanding of the content and context of the speech, be able to process information quickly and provide a fluent and accurate translation in real time. Unlike consecutive interpretation, where the speaker pauses after every sentence or two to allow the interpreter to translate, the simultaneous interpreter keeps pace with the speaker by actively listening, analysing and translating in real time.

Dacă organizați un eveniment la care aveți participanți din diverse țări și care vorbesc limbi diferite, implementarea unui interpretariat simultan ar putea reprezenta cheia către succesul evenimentului. Iată doar câteva avantaje ale serviciilor de traducere simultană:

  • Cel mai mare avantaj al interpretării simultane este că îi permite vorbitorului să susțină discursul în mod natural, fără a fi nevoit să se oprească și să reînceapă în timp ce interpretul traduce fraza anterioară (așa cum se întâmplă în cazul interpretării consecutive).
  • Prin intermediul serviciilor de interpretariat simultan, traducerea se realizează aproape în timp real, iar audiența poate astfel beneficia de gesturile vorbitorului și de alte indicii non-verbale, impactul și eficiența comunicării fiind mult mai mari.
  • Traducerea simultană facilitează comunicarea între persoane din medii culturale și lingvistice diferite, permițând astfel schimbul de idei, informații și colaborare într-un mod mai eficient și productiv. Evenimentul dumneavoastră își va urma cursul firesc, fără a aloca un interval de timp suplimentar pentru traducere.
  • Procesul de traducere simultană nu este lipsit de provocări. Este o activitate intensă din punct de vedere mental și fizic, solicitând translatorii să rămână concentrați și energici pe parcursul sesiunilor de traducere care pot dura ore întregi. De asemenea, există riscul de a pierde nuanțe subtile ale limbajului sau conținutului în timpul traducerii rapide. Prin urmare, pregătirea riguroasă, experiența și pregătirea tehnică sunt esențiale pentru a asigura o traducere de calitate în timp real. Pentru ca serviciile de interpretariat simultan să poată fi desfășurate este necesară utilizarea de echipamente specializate.

Simultaneous translation equipment

Special technical equipment is essential for simultaneous interpretation. If you are organising a large event and require simultaneous interpretation services, you will certainly also need a range of sophisticated and dedicated equipment for the task. You will most likely need:

Booths with headsets and consoles for interpreters

Simultaneous interpreters work in specially-designed booths. These booths are isolated and soundproofed to block out background noise and allow the interpreters to concentrate on the speech.

Audio transmission system

The speaker’s speech is picked up by microphones and transmitted to the interpreters via an audio transmission system.

Headphones for listeners

Event participants can listen to the translation in their mother tongue via headphones for active participation in the event.

Recording and playback equipment

Recordings of translations can be stored and played back later in various formats, which can be useful for documentation or review. This is an important point to establish in advance with your interpreting service provider.


Alongside this high-quality simultaneous interpretation equipment, the expertise of the interpreters is vital to the smooth running of your event. Our teams of professional interpreters specialise in this type of service, have extensive experience in various fields of interpreting and are graduates of the best universities in the field.

Their help will ensure that your event runs flawlessly and to the highest standards. All you need to do is send us a request with all the necessary details and keep in touch with our dedicated interpreting project manager, who will find the right solutions for each event, from the technical aspects to the most experienced teams of simultaneous interpreters.

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Consecutive interpretation


Consecutive interpretation is an asynchronous oral translation practice which involves translating a speech or message into the target language after the speaker has finished saying one or two sentences. The consecutive interpretation process involves close cooperation between speaker and interpreter and relies on memory and notes to ensure a faithful and accurate translation of the speech.

At Translator SRL, we have dedicated project managers and a team of interpreters with extensive experience in a wide range of fields, so we can provide accurate and authentic consecutive interpretation services for your speeches, events and business meetings in various industries. We understand that each event and client is unique. That’s why we tailor our services to suit your specific requirements and offer customised solutions to ensure challenge-free communication.

Whether for corporate meetings, cultural events or international conferences, our consecutive interpretation team is ready to provide you with high-quality services in any setting. Consecutive interpretation requires thorough preparation and precise notes to provide an accurate and detailed translation of the speech. Our team strives to ensure that not one detail is left out.

We are aware that consecutive interpretation is not limited to words but also means conveying the speaker’s tone, intention and subtext. Our interpreters aim to convey the message in an authentic manner.

We are firmly committed to respecting the confidentiality of the speeches and information we handle. We work following a strict code of ethics to provide you with a professional and reliable service.

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Why choose our

Consecutive interpretation services?

  • Extensive experience in interpreting and consecutive interpretation
  • Specialised training in various fields
  • Adaptability for various environments and events
  • Team of professional bilingual interpreters
  • Authentic rendering of the intention and tone of the speech
  • Respecting confidentiality and professional standards

At Translator SRL, our mission is to facilitate communication within multilingual environments, ensuring that every message is delivered with accuracy and professionalism. For more information and to discuss your specific requirements, feel free to contact us.

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Communication without limits

Remote interpretation

We use cutting-edge technology to create virtual connections in real time, so you can have interpreting sessions with experts from around the world without having to travel. Whether you prefer videoconferencing platforms, teleconferencing or any other solution, we are able to adapt to whatever environment works best for you.

Our remote interpretation team consists of bilingual professionals with extensive experience in remote interpretation. They specialise in providing accurate and fluent translations in real time. With a wide range of specialisations, we are able to provide you with remote interpretation services in a variety of fields, from business and medicine to technology and culture.

Remote interpretation eliminates the need for travel and associated costs, saving you time and resources. Remote simultaneous interpretation, known as RSI, is useful for online events and has developed in the light of recent changes in our lives and working environments. We are now all used to working remotely and organising online events, conferences, business meetings, courses and team building exercises. From simple events with low attendance to complex, large-scale events, all you need is a platform dedicated to RSI services and our experienced and highly-trained team of interpreters to assist you online.

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Why choose our remote interpretation services?

  • Access to bilingual experts from around the world
  • Adaptability for various platforms
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Secure solutions for data protection
  • Time and money savings

At Translator SRL, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality remote interpretation services tailored to your unique needs.

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