Precise and qualitative fast service for a fast delivery – Machine Translation (MT)

Precise and qualitative fast service for a fast delivery – Machine Translation (MT)

Have you ever needed really fast (on the spot) translated document?

If yes, then you should know we are here to help.

What is Machine Translation (MT)?

Without mistaking Machine Translation (MT) with Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) Tool – linguists’ tool for managing texts – MT represents the automatic translation of any given text from one source language to another target language, resulting in a Machine Translation Output which can or cannot be edited, depending on the in-time quality required.

When you should consider asking for a MT or MTPE service?

  • When having limited budged for large volumes of text
  • When having time constraints for big volumes of text need to be translated, but with a non-decisive impact to you or your partners’ businesses
  • When you have documentation that is or that can be made fully editable


  • Medical or legal translations for the US Market
  • Creative marketing texts, highly important legal or medical translations with high-risk effects (?)
  • Or, when you want a human translation and editing/revision service of the best quality

Ways to use the MT Output

  1. The MT Output can be used as it is for information purpose or for documentation that just “needs” to be simply translated (and not intended for publication)
  2. Light post-editing
  3. Full post-editing

Scopes of the post-editing process

  • Correspondence of the target content with the source content
  • Comprehensibility of the MT Output by ensuring:
  1. terminological and lexical consistency
  2. use of symbols, diacritics, abbreviations, punctuation, spelling and syntax
  3. being compliant with the applicable norms or standards
  4. a correct formatting
  5. suitability for the end readers (target audience) to fully understand it

Light post-editing

  • The MT Output is read to make sure that no information has been omitted or extra added
  • Editing/correcting inappropriate content (if any)
  • Keeping as much of the MT Output as possible
  • Updating the sentences or phrases if these are unclear or incorrect

Full post-editing (additional to the light post-editing listed above)

  • Updating the MT Output to the end-client domain or terminology preferences (any reference from you as the client will be of help)
  • Making sure the output is accurate, comprehensible, free of syntax/grammatical errors and adequate stylistically
  • Aiming to produce an output translation as close as possible to a human translation output
  • Full quality check

What should you know?

  • By working with us we ensure that all confidentiality clauses in the contracts or non-disclosure agreements are met
  • Your documentation and texts are safe with us
  • Your deadlines are met and your expenses decreased

At any given time when you are looking to translate your documentation or texts, for information purpose, for publishing, forentering a new market or for launching you ahead of your competition, please do get in touch with us for any language service or quotations.

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