This is our motto which has evolved naturally from our daily experience as Translators since 2004.

There are various business models and marketing gurus promote marketing tips and tricks to enhance sales and get noticed, but for us, the trust of our customers, shared with their business partners, turned into the best “selling method”.

We do make us visible through a few media channels. Still, our company’s progress indicates that the most beneficial relationships – stable, profitable, honest, sustaining ones – are the true partnerships based on trust.

There is probably a lot to be said about trust; the topic of this article is not the concept itself, but the benefits that come with the feeling that partners can rely on each other.

Trust is nourished every day by balance, goodwill, honesty and mindfulness, by “I do my best every day”; and in profession, in business, the peace that is born out of trust leads to efficiency and mutual benefits.

We operate in a competitive environment, under the rules of the market economy. However, we make space for trust, within ourselves and in those whom we work with, beyond figures and price lists.

In 17 years of activity we have come across several situations in which the partnership based on mutual trust has eventually surpassed the “price test” and tendering procedures.
Two of the clients with significant share in turnover, large multinational companies, one in the Fortune 500 list, after several years of collaboration, asked us to participate in tenders for the selection of the unique supplier accredited by their company. Standardized procedures that must be followed.
We participated and, because we decided not to compromise on the self-imposed standard, we lost the auctions on the price criterion. In both companies we have had beautiful collaborations, true partnerships secured in time.

After about a year, a year and a half, both customers asked us to enter into a new contract, as an alternative solution to the agreed supplier following the tender.
Shortly after, we took over the vast majority of the workload of the respective companies and then the contracts were extended without tender, through a mutual understanding that respects our sustainability as suppliers.
Services take into account a number of ingredients necessary for things to work out, which, in turn, create a balance that cannot be ignored.

We manifest this balance and the same type of relationships with both our suppliers and our “competitors”, human relationships that support the evolution of us all.
Our joy and satisfaction as a team is confirmed when we understand that we have done the right thing by being consistent and aligned with our policy and when we realize that our motto IT’S ABOUT TRUST really has great power.

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Dragoș Grasu

Dragoș Grasu

Bărbat ajuns la maturitate, manager, leader, inițiator, ardelean prin adopție, cetățean al Noului Pământ. Iubitor de povești serioase, de "povești cu pești" și de comunicare autentică. Și de viață. Și de oameni. Și de Tot ce este.
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