In Togetherness We Trust

 “The ones we work for, our clients, the ones who work for us, our suppliers, the ones we work with, our colleagues, the ones we inspire and the ones we are inspired by, they are all our partners, people like us, with whom we want to share and grow every day.”

This is the message we convey each time we send an e-mail, as stated in the signature within. Why? Because here, at TRANSLATOR home, relationships matter. The way we relate to one another and to our clients, colleagues, life partners, friends, relatives, people all around us, the planet itself and all its inhabitants, the environment and the Universe defines us, individually and as a team of professionals.

Here, at TRANSLATOR, we stay together. We do our best, every single day. Today it could be less than what we did yesterday. Tomorrow we could do better. But the sole intention of doing our best each day builds trust.

Trust is the mainstream of any relationship and the grounding of the Safe Space that creates Togetherness

Beyond such meaningful word stays the action taken. Togetherness is sustained by effective actions and supportive relations.

In the actual context when we are all being challenged by the Covid 19 situation and its consequences on the personal and professional levels, our intention is to support your activity as well as ours with due diligence and to the best of our practices, as follows:

  • Notwithstanding the actual contract prices, for the next 3 to 6 months we will offer our best quotes for each individual project.
  • We will make use of all available means such as CAT tools and translation memories to evaluate the projects considering the existing repetitions and diminishing our profits to the sustainability limit of our company.
  • We will go forward to such approach with all our suppliers and linguists around the world, making sure that such effort has a long run for all parties involved in the process.
  • Quality is still of the highest importance so we will pay attention to keep the right balance and the best practices in delivering the expected services.

The unusual circumstances affecting us all have brought along some change of perspective and some positive aspects such as the time spent with our inner self, with our families and with the people we love. Supporting one another and caring for everything that surrounds us is the lesson we are learning each day.

In this context, the celebration of our 15 years as a team of professionals and friends could not have been possible without you. This is who we are today, ready to support you from our position of specialists in the field and to bring in our whole expertise.

Visit our new website: and trust what we have to offer because, at the end of the day, when it comes to partnerships, IT’S ALL ABOUT TRUST.

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Albu Octaviana

Albu Octaviana

Manager și lingvist, cu dragoste de profesie, de oameni și de viață.
Translator SRL

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