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Want to expand your business globally? Our website and software localisation services are here to help you.

For almost 20 years, we have been helping our clients become known to new markets, grow their business and get their products noticed globally.

Our website localisation services will help you adapt your content to the cultural, linguistic and contextual specificities of your target market. We understand the importance of accurate localisation for the success of your business. Whether it’s tailoring your marketing messages, promotional materials or products and services, our team will ensure that your message is delivered effectively to your intended audience.

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At Translator SRL, it's all about trust! Thousands of clients around the world have placed their trust in us and succeeded in getting their message across to foreign markets!

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It's all about trust!

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Website localisation

Our website translation services help you reach a global audience! In an ever-expanding digital world, a well-translated website is essential to expand your business and attract customers from around the world. Our team of translators will ensure that your website is translated accurately and that your message is clearly and coherently conveyed in the target language. Our website localisation services are always carried out by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language. We ensure that data formats, measurements, currencies and other specific elements are appropriate for each market. What’s more, we can review the localised website directly in your template to make sure it’s working properly so users can enjoy a smooth and consistent experience.

Whatever the size and complexity of your website, you may rest assured that we will treat every project with care and professionalism. We use advanced website translation technologies, such as translation memory and localisation software, to support consistency and efficiency. Furthermore, we have a dedicated project manager for website translation and language localisation services, who will work closely with you throughout the project to ensure that the end result and our localisation services meet your expectations.

We have the right technical solutions for the linguistic localisation of your website, and translating structured information is easier than ever. Prepare a file in any available format (.json, html, excel, xml, xlf, xliff and more) and you will receive the requested translation as soon as possible, in the same format, ready to be imported into your website right away.

Our dedicated team and expertise in website localisation procedures set us apart and recommend us as the right partner for your business.

Choose our website localisation services now and you'll get a high-quality, professional translation that will enable you to successfully expand into international markets and develop your global brand.

We localise your video games so they can be accessed globally by passionate gamers!

Game localisation

We localise your video games so they can be accessed globally by passionate gamers! Alongside website, software and app translation services, translation and localisation services for video games are an essential part of the digital entertainment industry, enabling developers to deliver immersive and tailored gaming experiences to audiences around the world. As well as professional translation by translators native in the target language, game localisation services involve cultural, linguistic and technical adjustments to make the games appealing and authentic to each region.

Here are some highlights of our game localisation and translation services:

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Translation of game elements

It is crucial that in-game texts, dialogues, instructions and descriptions be translated as naturally as possible into the target language. This process requires not only knowledge of the language but also an understanding of the context and game-specific jargon.

Cultural adaptation

Localisation services adjust game elements, character names, cultural references and humour to fit the local and regional cultural background.

Dubbing and sound effects

In some cases, games require dubbing in the target language to provide an authentic experience. This involves professional dubbing services adapted to the regional context.

Interface optimisation

The game interface, including menus, buttons and options, must be adjusted to match the linguistic characteristics of the target language. This can sometimes involve changing the layout to match reading direction or display space.

Rigorous testing

As when translating websites, software and applications, testing and review are essential. For a seamless gaming experience, we make sure that we translate games correctly and that all elements work in local environments.

Game localisation services

They have a significant impact on their success and global adoption. By blending creativity, technology and a deep understanding of cultures, developers can build games that bring joy to gamers around the world.

Contact us to share your game with users worldwide!

Professional software translation and QA services

Software translation, testing and QA

We offer professional software translation and QA services. To access global markets, it is essential that the software or application you are developing be linguistically localised and culturally adapted to the regions, areas and countries where you will market your products.

Our software and app localisation and translation services (we provide Android and iOS app translation services) are here to help with this.

This process requires a careful and thorough approach, taking into account the following aspects:

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  1. Language and terminology: Our translators are native speakers of the target language so they can capture the nuances and particularities of that language. They carefully select specific words, phrases and terminology to ensure clear and accurate communication.
  2. Cultural adaptation: In the localisation process, our translators take into account local social norms and customs. Certain images, symbols or references may have different meanings in different cultures, so all of these must be adapted to the language and culture of the country for which your software or application is localised.
  3. Local data and measurements: Date formats, units of measurement and currencies may vary from one country to another. When translating software and apps, our translators make sure that all these aspects are suitable for the target audience.
  4. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX): The design and structure of the app’s interface must be adapted to suit the particularities of different cultures. The app should also be intuitive and suitable for local users.
  5. Rigorous testing: Before being launched, the application must be extensively tested to identify any translation errors or localisation problems. Feedback from local users is valuable at this stage.

We're always here to make iOS or Android software and apps an unforgettable experience for every user!

Use our website, software or Android/iOS app translation services now for a global experience!
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