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Albu Octaviana

Bilingual children – the children of tomorrow

Open call for PEaCH Ambassadors Dear parent, educator or linguist professional,This is an important message. As long as you use more than one language, in whichever way or at whichever level, you are bilingual. And so are your children.Why are we telling you this? Because we can give you access

Young Talents

TQA – Translation Quality Assessment

It is without any doubt that in the last several years, one of the main requests from translators and the translation market is quality. But then again, quality has always been one of the main pillars in the provision of services. At Translator SRL we are continuously trying to improve

Albu Octaviana

In Togetherness We Trust

 “The ones we work for, our clients, the ones who work for us, our suppliers, the ones we work with, our colleagues, the ones we inspire and the ones we are inspired by, they are all our partners, people like us, with whom we want to share and grow every

Translator SRL