Welcome to Translator

Welcome to Translator

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All about languages and authentic communication.

We are determined to support your growth!

"We are determined to support your growth!"

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We deliver high customer value translated as a fair quality/price ratio

"We deliver high customer value translated as a fair quality/price ratio"

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We are creative, still following the ISO 17100 and LISA QA standards. We are ISO 9001 certified

“We are creative, still following the ISO 17100 and LISA QA standards. We are ISO 9001 certified"

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More than 300 native professionals to localize your message

“More than 300 native professionals to localize your message "

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We put individual words in the right context and take responsibility for our choices.

"We put individual words in the right context and take responsibility for our choices."

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Why us?

What's our competitive edge?

Are we convincing in 30 words?

Backed by 13 years of experience in delivering great customer service, we have gained in confidence and professionalism, yet preserved the freshness, thoughtfulness and good intentions specific to new beginnings.

Communication lies at the core of modern society.

Localization, the language adaptation to fit the local context and culture, is the key to success. As things stand, the concept that we advance is the ideal tool to accomplish your objectives. 

O ecuaţie corectă

Delivering high customer value translated as a fair quality/price ratio


We offer support services to help you identify the best means of communication, in order to maintain good relationships with your customers and business partners.

Contact us now for your company’s translation projects cost optimization!

More than 300 native professionals to localize your message

Translators, proofreaders and linguists selected against comprehensive criteria and according to the nature of the translation project. 


Legal Translations

Legal Translations

Of a particular importance for legal translations are accuracy, clarity of language and reliability.

In no other translation field it is so important to understand and accurately translate every single word, idea or sentence and probably no other field places so much emphasis on language details and subtleties.

A single misplaced word or comma could render the translation of a contract or a power of attorney completely unusable.

The professionalism and skill of the specialised translator or proofreader, paired with a well-documented database and the selection of a compatible translator-proofreader team are the “ingredients” for a quality service recipe.

We provide certified translations of notarised or administrative documents for human resources departments and companies, we translate contracts from various areas of activity for corporate legal departments, constitutional documents, banking legislation, EU legislation and we provide interpreting services at national conferences for legal professionals.  

All the legal translations are made by carefully selected certified translators, with extensive experience and sound language and terminology knowledge.

Where required, translations are proofread for terminology by translators with legal background or legal experts and, if applicable, notarised or affixed the Hague Apostille.

Customers are guaranteed strict confidentiality in relation to the translation services under legally binding confidentiality clauses.

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Banking & Finance Translations

If the saying “money talks” is true, then you definitely need a “Translator” to understand money in every language.

Although “money language” is apparently universal, only well-prepared documents, where rules are clearly understood and applied within reliable translations can ensure a smooth communication process and ultimately the way to success.

Hence the accuracy of vocabulary and the clarity of language make the difference, and the experience gained in a decade of providing financial and banking translations to customers such as Banca Transilvania, UniCredit Ţiriac Bank, KPMG Hungary or Noerr Finance & Tax gives us the confidence that we can cater to your needs as well. 

We have translated thousands of pages of fiscal legislation, banking regulations on money laundering, as well as the website of Banca Transilvania.

We have translated credit agreements and bank certificates, and we translate, on a daily basis, Trade Registry certificates, insurance agreements, financial reports, account opening forms or account records.
We have translated balances and balance sheets, reports, procedures, user manuals and last but not least financial software and market surveys.

This is part of our banking and finance translation portfolio and we are up for any new challenge.

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Information Technology. IT Translations

This is probably where we should have started our presentation, since IT has undergone the highest developing rhythm in this millennium.  

IT has experienced a remarkable, yet beneficial global growth, which triggered the need of localization, which is the process of adapting the language to a specific location and culture.

If communication is the engine of modern society, localization is the key to success, and we, the Translators, provide support services to identify the best means of communication with your customers and business partners.

TRANSLATOR srl provides translation and localization services to IT companies, which ensure the communication across multiple languages of user manuals, software interfaces, customer management programs (ERP/CRM), websites and operating systems, e-learning and multimedia, applications, tutorials, antivirus software, marketing and brand management.

The translation services are performed by native speakers of the target language, who live in the country or area representing the target market and have the know-how required by translations with such specific content.

Proofreading is done by reviewers within the same professional background, who have the expertise required by such projects.  

We are aware that we all have to keep the same pace in our efforts to sustain the alert dynamics of the IT market and we are determined to support your growth.

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Technical and Medical Translations

This field is marked by the highest number of translated pages, the highest number of translators and proofreaders and the most DTP documents and support services.

Our first large corporate customer, Contitech, specialised in the automotive industry; then we expanded our horizons thanks to customers from all industry branches, from Emerson to Premium Aerotec or Preh, from WAM to De Longhi, from Celestica to Knauf, BETON & ROHRBAU or Tirrena Scavi.

Considering the multifaceted nature of the technical field, the filters applied to translations must eliminate all the possible errors in terms of format and content.

This entails strict compliance with the ideal workflow and with the operational standards and procedures implemented in our organisation.  

We create databases and translation glossaries, we work in teams of translators, proofreaders and linguists selected based on performance criteria who, guided by the project managers, serve each and every customer and, where requested, DTP services will give the final touch to the document. 

Another factor for success is the collaboration and ongoing communication with the customer to establish the project-related details, the target audience of the translated text, the register and style of the language, the terminology, format or expected delivery date.

Based on the above approach we have translated technical manuals from various areas of activity, specification sheets, occupational health and safety reports, employee manuals, whether oral or written.

We have translators with extensive experience in medical equipment and translators and linguists with medical training, who are assigned specific projects, from academic records to medicine treaties.

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HR Translations

The support services that we provide to our customers, whether local, regional or multinational companies, are manifold in the area of HR translations, especially in the context of a globalised labour market in perpetual motion, where the specific legislation needs to be localized and the titles or specialisations aligned.

The translation of the internal guidelines or regulations of multinationals in all the languages of its subsidiaries is part of our daily job, as well as learning aids, CVs, interviews or employment agreements.

Marketing, Communication, Literature

These areas of translation, i.e. marketing and communication, together with literary translations are probably the cup of tea of any good translator, since they involve creativity and the most pronounced personal touch.

Talent, experience, a versatile vocabulary and teamwork are the most important elements for these translations, and we believe we have them all.

It is therefore our pleasure to help you convey your ideas in the most vibrating, colourful and creative way, in order to achieve your business goals.

We are just a click away.



The measure of service quality is customer satisfaction

Why us as your LSP?

In a progressive society quality is a lifestyle and the only viable way for us. 

How do we deliver expected quality?

We follow the ISO 17100, LISA QA and ISO 9001 standards.

Quality is not random; it is the outcome of implementing and maintaining procedures and milestones, standardising the workflows subject to error and using creativity right where it belongs.

Your input is highly appreciated 

It is of outmost importance to communicate, to understand your requirements and objectives, to be given feedback, to receive suggestions, ideas and even criticism, as this is the only way to succeed in the business world of tomorrow. 

Translations from various areas of expertise, such as marketing, technical, finance, legal, IT localisation or medical equipment undergo the optimum workflow, which provides the framework for long-term, efficient business relationships.

Our work method

Each translation project is supervised by a project manager liable for carrying out the project in accordance with the standards and operational procedures of our company.


  1.  The project manager starts by analyzing the project, as follows:     
    • Linguistic analysis (correctness, fluency and clarity of the source text) 
    • Terminological analysis (the translation field, the difficulty of the text, the new terminology as compared to the existing one if the project is part of a series of projects already completed, etc.)   
    • Stylistic analysis (informative text of internal use, applied in the manufacturing process or aimed to an external or international target audience, a marketing communication text) 
    • Technical analysis (are there any specific terminological databases, glossaries, translation memory, the needed editing programmes, the appropriate human resources – translators, proofreaders, DTP experts, interpreters available) 
  2. Communication with the client in order to clarify some aspects related to the project, to determine:
    • The destination of the translated text, the register and style of the message (Whom is it addressed to? Is it a document for internal use only? Is it a support text for the technical departments? Should it be published on the Intranet or the Internet? Is it a press release? Are there documents for tender or for audit? Should it be submitted to the state authorities? Do you need a certified or a notarized translation?) 
    • Terminology (Is there a preferred internal terminology? Are there terminological resources at our disposal? – glossaries, similar texts, websites, contact persons from the source departments) 
    • Documents format (Is it necessary to keep the original format of the document? Are there any specific layouts, such as Indd sources? Do you need the documents in two or three languages?) 
    • Delivery (Is it an urgent translation? Which is the final deadline? Are there documents that should be translated before others? How would you like to receive the translation: by e-mail, courier, transfer, in hard copy?) 
    • Contractual and invoicing details  
  3. Determining the work method according to project’s specifications (general translation, specialist translation, transcreation, with or without DTP services) 
  4. Assigning the team(s) composed of translators-proofreaders-DTP experts, according to their expertise and availability
  5. Establishing the milestones of the project (intermediate delivery terms, glossaries validation, access to the terminological databases, final delivery) 
  6. Coordinating the project (maintaining contact with all parties involved in the process, including the client, issuing instructions on project specifications  to all parties involved in the project, enabling and monitoring consistency in translation, monitoring and supervising the process timetable) 
  7. Checking the product (following-up the translations and verifying the final product according to the specifications of the project in order to make sure that there are no omissions or errors or spelling/punctuation/formatting mistakes, looking for style and terminology consistency) 
  8. Delivery of the final documents and invoicing 
  9. Evaluation of the members of the project team, from the translator to the proofreader and the DTP expert.
  10. Asking for feedback from the customer

A translation project is accepted only if all the proper resources are available so that the final product corresponds to customer’s requirements and the quality standards of our company.

No translation leaves the office without being checked! The internal evaluation and customers’ feedback are means of quality control and are essential for classifying our suppliers, improving the activity of our project managers, implicitly of our company. 



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